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The Substitute Teacher Named Mr. King
and the Youth Empowerment Peace Program! (YEPP!).

Ascension Education is the education of empowerment, intelligence,
character, integrity, community, health, and happiness.

We are committed to the promotion and educational expansion of life giving, promoting, and supporting principles such as freedom, justice, truth, love, unity, and peace within the lives of all children and young people. 

History of Ascension Education

Ascension Education began in Spring 2003 in elementary schools in Los Angeles Unified School District. This is where, as a substitute teacher, Ascension Education founder and President Seth D. King began educating his students with simple and fundamental character and life empowering principles.

On July 4th, 2005 Ascension Education released it's first book...... The Substitute Teacher Named Mr. King.

In late 2004, Ascension Education created our Youth Empowerment Peace Program (YEPP!) to begin bringing our message, principles, and education of empowerment to incarcerated 14-18 year olds working through our partnership with the Fitness Inspires Freedom program.

On February 26th, 2005, we complete production of our "Power in Our Hands" Black History Month presentation at 74th Street Elementary School in Central Los Angeles, CA.

On July 31, 2005, the youth program PACT (Positive Alternative Choices Today) www.pactla.org hosted a party in celebration of what we had accomplished thus far, and in early August 2005, PACT and YEPP! formed a partnership to sell The Substitute Teacher Named Mr. King books through the hands of 16-20 year old youth throughout the Los Angeles Area

Our Mission is to empower children and young people with the ability to be happy, healthy, and free now and in the future towards the successful fulfillment of their own personal and community-wide goals.


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